Whitney Houston In Hot Water For Assaulting Brisbane’s Ears

Robbie Daw | February 24, 2010 9:39 am

Whitney Houston has been receiving major flak for her Monday night Nothing But Love Tour gig at the Brisbane Entertainment Centre in Australia. The Guardian noted that Whit gave “a car-crash performance” and “should stop performing until she can deliver something worthy of her name,” while Billboard reports that the show was savaged by fans as well as critics, and that some ticket-holders were demanding a refund.

Come on, now—it’s Whitney. It’s The Voice! It couldn’t have been that bad, could it? Hop below to find out.

Here’s Whitney doing “I Wanna Dance With Somebody”:

And maybe it’s not fair to judge the 46-year-old diva for a current performance of a song she recorded 23 years ago. So let’s check her out while doing the title track from her 2009 album I Look To You:

It’s kind of like the first time you listen to Whitney’s I Look To You, and frantically fast forward to find the one song, any song, where she belts it out like the old days. There are a few decent tracks on there, and the production values are great. But overall, the whole record just sort of makes you depressed to hear how her voice truly is only a shell of what it once was.

But, look—we weren’t there in Brisbane to witness the alleged live butchering of the Whitney Houston catalog with our own eyes and ears, so who are we to really judge? Instead, we’ll just defer to the concert attendee from this news clip, who said the following when walking out of the show: “She couldn’t entertain a dead rat, to be honest.”