The Morning Mix: Justin Bieber One Year Closer To Marrying Us

Becky Bain | March 1, 2010 5:34 am

Good morning, everybody! And happy 16th birthday to Idolator’s favorite tweet machine, Justin Bieber. What do you get the boy who has everything? How about a romantic night out with #1 crush Beyoncé at “great date spot” The Louvre? (We already know the “Baby” singer will never heed our advice to get a haircut, but that’s fine — we might not recognize him if he did.) Everyone send The Bieb a bouquet of his own brand of roses, then get on with the mix!

Did You Hear?

:: Kid Cudi showed up to join British electronic artist Dan Black to perform the cinephile-friendly “Symphonies” at a live show in LA, and a male fan rushed the stage to plant a big wet one on Cudder. Thankfully, this time the night didn’t end with any punching. [Rap Radar]

:: Dance hall queen Robyn told the Swedish magazine Bon that she will release three albums in 2010, and that one of her new tracks will feature a rap battle with Snoop Dogg. She’s certainly due, and we’re happy to hear she’s doing her own thing and not just helping Snoop with his tracks. [Pitchfork]

:: Lil Wayne is shooting seven more videos before he heads to prison, on top of the nine he shot in one weekend last month. We’re not happy to see him serve time, but we take some small comfort knowing that he’s going to get some rest. [Nah Right]

:: Courtney Love’s angry tweets toward ex Edward Norton are the online equivalent of domestic abuse. [Huffington Post]

:: Lenny Kravtiz, Lisa Bonet and Zoe Kravitz win the award for most attractive family in the world. [Just Jared]

After the jump: a look back at Jennifer Lopez and the rocks that she got.  

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VIDEO REWIND OF THE DAY: Newly label-less, Jennifer Lopez juggled both hosting and singing duties on Saturday Night Live this weekend, and she was as entertaining as we expected. (Not very.) Still, this is as good an excuse as any to post her infamously egocentric video for “Jenny From the Block” in today’s mix.

The song and video came out at the peak of Lopez’s fame in 2002, when every gossip rag in the world was obsessed with the details of her relationship with Ben Affleck, a pairing that seems so bizarre in retrospect. (What was a snarky Boston-born actor/writer doing with a tabloid-fodder pop star like Lopez, anyway? Besides ruining cinema in one fell swoop, that is.)

The world couldn’t get away from Bennifer, and the couple seemed to even encourage discussion of their personal life — Affleck’s derriere-rubbing cameo in his then-fiance’s video makes this clip all the more dated now that both parties are happily married to other people. Still, J-Lo looks fine in this vid, and we’re shamed to admit that eight years later, we still know all the lyrics.

Have a great day!