Kate Nash Gets Her Retro Girl Group Vibe On With New Single “Do Wah Doo”

Robbie Daw | March 1, 2010 10:21 am

Phew! There’s hope after all for Kate Nash’s upcoming as-yet-untitled album. After the singer released the off-putting, tuneless “I Just Love You More” as a free download two weeks back, SPIN.com is now streaming Kate’s official new single “Do Wah Doo” (hear it below). Handclaps, horns, ’60s girl group backing vocals and Brill Building piano chords abound as Nash chastises a pal for checking out prettier girls in the upbeat stomper.

Here’s the back story Kate gave to SPIN about “Do Wah Doo”:

“The song’s about one of my best friends from when I was younger. He totally betrayed me by hanging out with these enemies of mine—these perfect girls, who wore lip-gloss and talked about boys and were really annoying. He and I had grown up climbing trees, playing in the woods, and going on holiday together, so I thought he’d be cooler than that. But when he turned 15 years old he wanted a girlfriend. I was like, ‘Well fine, I’ll just pretend I don’t give a shit even though I’ll never ever forgive you, even when I’m 22 years old and writing a song about it.'”

Nash, who’s been in New York for promo work, expanded a bit further on her blog:

It kind of delves a little into the fact that us girls are always set against each other in society, how girls are meant to view each other as competition and feel insecure and shit, you know you can always sense it when a girl views you like that even though you just want to be their best friend? but at the same time it’s not really about that, it’s just about someone who’s mean. like if a guys a dick he’s just a dick there’s no real politics behind that.

As we mentioned last month, Kate Nash’s 12-track sophomore album (due out stateside April 20) was produced by former Suede guitarist Bernard Butler, who worked on Duffy’s similarly retro debut, Rockferry.

But as for “Do Wah Doo,” it isn’t too new of a track for Kate’s fans. She first began performing an early version of the song live two years ago. Here’s a clip from a gig at Philadelphia’s Trocadero Theatre back in April 2008: