Did Lady Gaga Pinch This Look From Roisin Murphy?

Robbie Daw | March 3, 2010 1:33 pm

In early January, Roisin Murphy’s retro-sounding dance jam “Momma’s Place” popped up to kick 2010 off with a proper thumping bassline. (Surprisingly, an EP of the song’s mixes is even available on U.S. iTunes.) But after seeing Lady Gaga traipsing around London the other day with a giant metallic lobster stuck to her noggin, our thoughts once again turned to Roisin—because, after all, haven’t we seen a dancefloor diva with crustacean attached to her head before?

That pic of Roison Murphy is from 2008. And the Lady in question is certainly no stranger to accusations that she’s jacked Irish singer Murphy’s swagger. For example, last year some Internet sleuth whipped up a scandalous (and somewhat damning) side-by-side gallery of Gaga’s Murphy-esque fashions.

But ever the good sport, Roisin said the following in a 2009 statement:

“I respect Lady Gaga’s work as an artist and as a fellow fashion icon. She is a very talented performer, playing the piano, singing live and dancing too. I Don’t Care about Shoulder pads! Not every female artist needs to be at odds with their contemporaries—I prefer to focus on the wonderful things happening in my life, which are plentiful. I am a very honest person (which can often be problematic when it comes to doing press) but I am not a bitchy person. All the best to Lady Gaga—she is fantastic.”

A few of those wonderful things she was referring to were her then-unborn daughter, Clodagh (who arrived on December 15)—and new music!

“I wanted to make pure dance music. Certainly with ‘Momma’s Place,’ I wanted a big epic club record,” Murphy told BlackBook in an interview published last week. “The next track I’ve done is ‘Demon Lover’—it’s urban-sounding. I’ve got UK MCs like Wiley, Kano, and Donaeo. They all inspired me.”

That said, it looks like we won’t be getting a full-length follow-up to the singer’s 2007 Overpowered LP any time soon. In a January interview with Entertainment Weekly‘s Music Mix, the Murphy said, “I’ve recorded a lot of songs, but I haven’t planned beyond just putting the songs out there and letting them have their own life, and see how the music lives on its own, without videos, without a big promotion. It’s more just about getting songs out there and letting them have their own life.”

In the meantime, Roisin is featured on two tracks—”Hold Up Your Hands” and “Royal T”—from Italian DJ/production duo Crookers’ new album Ton Of Friends (out next week).

She’s also one of the twenty-or-so vocalists who will appear on David Byrne and Fatboy Slim’s upcoming Here Lies Love—a two-disc concept album that, incidentally, Lady Gaga’s diamond-encrusted claws are nowhere to be found on.