Kate Nash Goes Sky High With Retro “Do Wah Doo” Video

Becky Bain | March 4, 2010 12:17 pm

We expect pre-flight emergency landing instructions to be the hottest new dance trend after watching Kate Nash’s adorably nostalgic mile-high music video for “Do Wah Doo,” the first single off her second studio album, My Best Friend Is You. The quirk-tastic Brit singer plays a lovelorn flight attendant in the vid, which seems to have taken a cue from The Foo Fighters’ raucous airplane adventure “Learn to Fly,” sprinkled with a hearty helping of the swingin’ 60s. The super-cute clip is not to be missed, so catch it if you can below:

Kate Nash – “Do Wah Doo”

It’s as though the passengers of Lost‘s Oceanic Flight 815 traveled even further back in time to a 60s dance party! Imminent death has never been this bitchin’! Not to mention, Kate looks very much like an Ellen Page/Alison Lohman hybrid in that beret, no?

And is it just us, or are there two Captain Sullenberger look-a-likes flying the plane, despite the fact he just retired?

Picture 4
With double the Sully, we’re sure the turbulence-inflicted plane ride ended smoothly.