Alexandra Burke Teams Up With Pitbull As She Eyes The U.S. Market

Robbie Daw | March 8, 2010 10:56 am

To date, British singer Alexandra Burke has visited the top of the UK chart three times—with her 2008 X Factor coronation song, “Hallelujah,” her fall 2009 hit “Bad Boys” and as part of the Helping Haiti “Everybody Hurts” charity single. (That photo is of Alexandra recording her vocals for the latter.) But with her sights now set on the American market, Burke is retooling some of her previous songs by slapping rappers on them.

Case in point: “All Night Long,” a track from the singer’s UK album Overcome, has now been worked over and features Pitbull in the mix. Hear it below!

Thankfully Pitbull doesn’t dominate Alexandra’s song as he’s done with others. And this jam isn’t too bad. Given the current dance-pop-friendly climate on the U.S. charts, Alexandra just might have a shot at nabbing a #1 single on these shores, like her fellow X Factor alum Leona Lewis managed to do in 2008 with “Bleeding Love.”

Plus, she’s already gained her American sea legs after the “Broken Heels” video. Because nothing screams red, white and blue louder than a sexy broad bumping, grinding and arching her back in a football locker room.