Today In ‘Idol’: Crystal Bowersox Has Simon Cowell’s Vote

Becky Bain | March 9, 2010 1:03 pm

:: The Top 8 Girls perform on a one-hour Idol tonight. So you have an extra sixty minutes to get off your couch and get some exercise (or spend an extra hour perusing the contestants’ Facebook wall posts). [Buddy TV]

:: Alex Lambert, Lee Dewyze and Andrew Garcia recently posted a YouTube video to thank all their fans, and guess what! It was yanked down by Idol producers who don’t want their precious contestants interacting with the public off the show. Even bigger shock—somebody nabbed the vid and reposted it for our viewing pleasure. (Don’t get too excited though—the vid doesn’t showcase either Casey James or Tim Urban’s abs of steel, so you’re not missing much.) [Idol Chatter]

:: Ryan Seacrest’s stalker pleaded “no contest” to felony stalking and could face up to two years behind bars. So now Ryan only has to worry about all the short jokes made at his expense on The Soup. [TMZ]

:: Simon Cowell might seem like King of the World over here in the States, but the Cowell kingdom has been plagued with misfortune across the pond. [The Daily Beast]

:: Simon was all cute and giggly on The Tonight Show last night, kissing his fiance and endorsing Crystal Bowersox. Watch the big ole meanie blush after the jump.