Usher And T.I. Are The Latest To Take A Swing At Tiger Woods In “Guilty”

Robbie Daw | March 11, 2010 3:18 pm

Tiger Woods continues to be hip hop’s latest punching bag. Witness Usher’s bouncy new cheatin’ jam “Guilty,” which features the not-so-innocent T.I. teeing off with a wink-nudge reference to the disgraced golf pro’s highly-publicized infidelities. Take a swing below, playaz.

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“She ain’t caught me in no Tiger Woods shit, knew what I expected when she met me,” T.I. declares after being caught gettin’ some on the side in the latest synth-laden song to surface from Usher’s upcoming Raymond v. Raymond album.

Tiger, hang your head low, man. It’s bad enough that Ludacris parodied the sportsman’s now-infamous panicked voicemail message to (one of) his mistress(es) in “Sexting.” Then of course there was Maino’s not-so-subtle cut “Get ‘Em, Tiger” with it’s classy declaration “I got women in the ‘burbs, women in the hood”—not to mention Nicki Minaj’s totally unnecessary rap “smash more clubs than Tiger Woods’ wifey” in a recent remix of Jason Derulo’s pop song “In My Head.”

Sigh. It is indeed hard out there for poor ol’ Tiger. And now that T.I. is back, it does seem a bit hypocritical that the rapper who once encouraged folks to do “whatever you like” and “live your life” is taking shots at the guy’s personal life.

Lesson to learn: keep your golf balls in your pants, kiddies, because you never know who’s going to repeatedly kick them across the green otherwise.

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