‘American Idol’: The Top 12 Of Season 9 Is Revealed

Robbie Daw | March 12, 2010 8:17 am

What a bittersweet night Thursday was. On one hand, we finally got the Tarentino-esque women-in-prison scandalfest that is Lady Gaga and Beyonce’s near-10-minute  “Telephone” video. But on the other, one of our favorite American Idol contestants, Lilly Scott, was sent home, thus narrowly missing out on being part of the official Season 9 Top 12. Sometimes pop is a cruel machine, folks. Now hop below to see who else was sprawled out on the chopping block.

“I thought I did really well,” a stupefied Scott said upon her elimination.  “I thought I was appealing to a lot of people. I put my heart into every performance. I really gave it my all every time.” We wholeheartedly agree, Lilly.

The other girl to get the boot was Katelyn Epperly. While not a total shock there, we were more thinking it was Paige Miles—who has consistently flubbed her song choices—who was about to go.

Todrick Hall’s performance of Queen’s “Somebody To Love” on Wednesday night was pretty much underwhelming in our book, so we weren’t too upset hear that he was getting axed. And as for “mushy banana” Alex Lambert—well, he was getting better, but could America really handle two Lamberts reaching the soaring heights of the Top 12 two years in a row? Guess not. He also got the boot.

Truthfully, the only head-scratcher with the guys is that Andrew Garcia managed to squeak by.

Season 8’s piano men Matt Giraud and Scott MacIntyre swung by the Idol stage to belt out a just-okay, kinda screamy duet of Billy Joel’s “Tell Her About It.” But any “joy” from that performance has been overshadowed by the glum after-effects of Lilly’s exit from the series.

Sigh. Idol, sometimes you truly are a fickle beast.

And so, America, that leaves us with:

1. Aaron Kelly 2. Andrew Garcia 3. Casey James 4. Crystal Bowersox 5. Didi Benami 6. Katie Stevens 7. Lacey Brown 8. Lee Dewyze 9. Michael Lynche 10. Paige Miles 11. Siobhan Magnus 12. Tim Urban