Sia Unveils Her ‘We Are Born’ Album Cover And Five New Songs

Robbie Daw | March 17, 2010 9:53 am

Recent Idolator interviewee Sia has pulled the curtain back from her forthcoming We Are Born album (due out June 7) a bit by revealing the LP’s cover artwork and five new tracks, including first official single “Clap Your Hands.” Regarding the record, the Aussie singer told us, “Greg [Kurstin] produced the whole album. It was my usual band, and then Greg played the piano and Nick Valensi from The Strokes played the guitar. We had scheduled four weeks for it but it took two-and-a-half, so that was awesome. It just came barfing out.”

Hop below to peak at the cover and hear new songs from We Are Born.

Below is “The Fight,” about which Sia told Idolator:

“There’s a song called ‘The Fight,’ and I wrote it with Dan Carey. It’s my favorite song on the record. [Le Tigre and MEN member] JD [Samson], my girlfriend, and I were sitting at a Chinese restaurant and we were trying to think of a good name for the album. Specifically, my only caveat was that it be a name that I really wouldn’t have to explain, because with the last album I must have explained that album title like 750 times while doing promo! [Laughs] So we decided to just choose a lyric from one of the songs.”

“Clap Your Hands”

“I’m In Here”

“Big Girl Little Girl”

“Bring Night”

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