Top 3 Most Ignorant Quotes By The Lady Gaga-Bashing Fox News Lady

Becky Bain | March 18, 2010 2:29 pm

It’s not just us and every other blog on the web—even Fox News wants in on the “Telephone” action! America Live‘s Megyn Kelly invited Sandy Rios, President of the Culture Campaign and Fox News contributor, on the program to discuss Lady Gaga’s “Telephone” video. “Discuss” may not be the correct word, though, especially since Rios says the music video is “the kind of thing we shouldn’t even be discussing, much less thinking about.” Why she still decided to appear on Fox News to talk about it is beyond us.

If you can stomach it, watch the news clip below and review our list of the Top 3 Most Ignorant Quotes by Sandy Rios. Believe us, it was close to impossible to narrow it down to just three.

Crazy Lady Quote #1: “We have to speculate on whether she has a male member or not, or whether it’s been cut off or not.”

Idolator Counterpoint: Yes, Gaga makes (a jokey) reference to the rumor regarding her genitalia in the beginning of the video. But is anyone debating that she did have a penis and then cut it off? We have no idea how castration got mixed into this.

Crazy Lady Quote #2: “Gaga and Beyoncé gay lesbian lovers? It’s disgusting… this is poison for the minds of our kids. And our minds.”

Idolator Counterpoint: You could look deeper into Gaga and Beyoncé’s relationship in the video, but not once do they kiss. Okay, Gaga does smooch a masculine-looking female prisoner, but as far as Bey is concerned, she and Gaga are just partners in crime. This is simply the close-minded complaint of homophobia. (Also, does being a “gay lesbian” cancel each other out to make you heterosexual?)

Crazy Lady Quote #3: “Our world is filled with sexual predators… they’ve done surveys to find out the men who do these kinds of things to young girls, something like 85% of them, are involved in some kind of porn. You may not watch it, your kids may not watch it, but the man next door who is a sexual predator probably does watch it. It should be outlawed. It should be banned. There is a limit to what we should tolerate.”

Idolator Counterpoint: Who, praytell, is the “they” who have done these alleged “surveys”? Rios doesn’t make it clear, either because such surveys do not exist or she is spreading inaccurate information. And since when does a sexual predator get all his ideas from Lady Gaga videos? We certainly would be able to pick them apart in a crowd easier if all sexual predators donned Kermit the Frog capes and bubble suits.

She is right about one thing. There is a limit to what we should tolerate. And Sandy Rios’ narrow-minded opinions are truly intolerable.

[Via Prefix Mag]