5 Reasons Why ‘American Idol’ Season 9 Doesn’t Suck As Much As You Think It Does

Becky Bain | March 18, 2010 4:19 pm

The world’s highest-paid professional glowerer, Simon Cowell, has long shown a certain ear for what’s hot (or at least “contemporary”), and it’s clear from the indifference on his face that he believes American Idol has finally lost its sizzle. (As if that wasn’t clear from the moment he decided to bolt Idol to produce the U.S. edition of his British hit The X Factor.) But Idol‘s Season 9 isn’t a complete failure. In fact, you could argue that the reality competition is currently in one of its most exciting seasons yet. Yes, we’re mad as hell about Lilly Scott too. But hear us out. After the jump, we present to you our Top 5 reasons why American Idol still captivates every week.

1) Many of our favorite contestants have been voted off, disqualified, or eliminated.

We sadly waved goodbye to the undeniably talented Lilly Scott and Alex Lambert. But there were many incredibly gifted contestants who were disqualified for various reasons (such as Danelle Hayes and crybaby Chris Golightly), while fabulous hopefuls like Maddy Curtis and Angela Martin only has the judges to blame for their elimination. As much as we hated to see them go, the idea that our favorites could go at any second amps up the drama of the show. Who knows what we can expect every week?

2) Ellen DeGeneres is a better judge than Paula Abdul.

Admit it. Paula was entertaining and lovable, but she never really judged anybody accurately. Hell, she had a hard time even knowing what was going on half the time! We haven’t missed Paula’s zany outfits or bizarre behavior anywhere near the amount we thought we would when she announced via Twitter that she was leaving Idol. And as for Ellen, she may make corny jokes sometimes, but she can make coherent criticisms when it counts.

3) The contestants are all talented.

You can complain about the lack of star quality in Season 9’s crop of contestants, but no one in the Top 12 is Sanjaya bad. And even the worst singer in the bunch, Tim Urban, is really hot! So even if you don’t like his voice, just turn the volume down and revel in the eye candy.

4) Now that we know Simon won’t be there forever, we appreciate him more.

We know we have limited time with our favorite cranky Brit. Sure, he’ll be on The X Factor, but it won’t be the same—and it won’t be for at least another year. Or even longer! Every episode of Idol gives us one more opportunity to soak in the insults.

5) “Pants on the Ground” was brought into our lives.

‘Nuff said.