Mariah Carey, We Love You—But It’s Time To Decide Who You Are As An Artist

Robbie Daw | March 22, 2010 9:39 am

Poor Mimi. Sometimes angels really do have a reason to cry. Much like Mariah Carey’s disappointing (sales-wise, at least) parent album Memoirs Of An Imperfect Angel, the rushed remix version, Angels Advocate, had been plagued by frequently-delayed release dates. Now it’s been confirmed by main Mariah fan site Mariah Journal that the whole project has been shelved for the most part. That said, there might be another full studio album from the whistle-register diva on the way. Read below.

Says Mariah Journal:

According to Mariah’s management, the album will not be put out in the regular album fashion but they are working on releasing some singles off the album. ‘It won’t go to waste,’ we were assured.

Mariah and her team have their focus set on the next album and how to put this out creatively and financially effective. ‘We are looking to go possibly to another studio album or Christmas album. The decision hasn’t been totally made yet. It’s a creative process that cannot be rushed.’

Our advice: someone in that camp needs to grow a pair and have a serious come-to-Jesus sitdown with Mimi, and tell her it’s high time she decided if she’s going to be a hip hop-lite artist or a pop balladeer—which is how she started off (and found her greatest success). Flip-flopping between the two has been confusing her original fans for well over a decade now.

The most glaring example was releasing the more urban-sounding Eminem diss jam “Obsessed” last summer, then following it up with a limp cover of Foreigner’s “I Want To Know What Love Is.”

Mariah, you’re not a jukebox. In fact, you’re one of pop’s greats. But that train has been derailed for about two albums now. We know you have some great melodies in there. Just give us back the old Mariah—that finger-waving diva who can knock a slow jam out of the park faster than you can say “Whitney who?”—and leave the already over-crowded rap game to the Trinas and Nicki Minajes of the world.