Justin Bieber Gets Flirty With Barbara Walters On ‘The View’

Robbie Daw | March 22, 2010 1:30 pm

Justin Bieber is getting pretty slick with the ladies. Case in point: when he sauntered onto The View today and was asked what type of girl he goes for, he replied, “I’m into people that, uh, like Barbara Walters.” (You know—a perfectly natural response for a 16-year-old boy.) This prompted Barbara to scrunch her face up in embarrassment, and retort, “That may be, Whoopi, the loveliest untruth I’ve ever heard!”

Catch the Bieb hitting on Barbara, and performing new song “Never Let You Go,” after the jump.

It turns out Justin is also quite the mama’s boy. “Not a lot of 16-year-old boys are with their mom 24/7,” Bieber admits, when asked about his mom joining him for his upcoming tour. “So, you know, we bump heads sometimes. But we have the best relationship.”

Let’s just be happy they didn’t ask him what his thoughts are on education.

Geez, Justin’s really got a taste for cougars lately, no? Wonder what Chelsea Handler has to say about Bieber’s wandering eye?

At any rate, here he is performing an acoustic version of “Never Let You Go,” a track off his new album My World 2.0 (out tomorrow, kiddies):