Cheryl Cole’s Cover Of “Fireflies” Is Like Raid To The Ears

Robbie Daw | March 23, 2010 9:01 am

Our friends across the pond at We Are Pop Slags posted Girls Aloud minx/X Factor judge Cheryl Cole’s Radio 1 Live Lounge rendition of Owl City’s “Fireflies.” (Do you hear that, Adam Young? Someone covered your damn song—cha-ching!—again.) And while we’re all for Cheryl stretching her range by diving into such complex material (cough), this might not have been the best jam for her to tackle. Turn the tables on the British starlet and judge her below.

Pop Slags points out that it appears as if Cole is saying “I might get that note later” at 2:23 in. (If that’s the case, she apparently means later as in, uh, some other day entirely.)

Hmmm. Sorry, Cheryl— but this version of “Fireflies” is deadlier than a bug zapper. Maybe having Merton as an accompanist would have helped?