‘American Idol’ Turns The Page On Paige Miles

Robbie Daw | March 25, 2010 8:21 am

Let’s just cut to the chase with last night’s American Idol results show—Paige Miles got axed. And, really, this has been overdue for several weeks now. (Yes, we’re still bitter that Lilly Scott was robbed of a Top 12 position.) And if Paige thought the judges were going to swoop in and save her just before she headed off in the wild yonder, she needed only to glance over the lyrics to her Tuesday night song choice, “Against All Odds.”

But on to the real drama last night—Miley Cyrus’ “questionable” vocals on “When I Look At You,” and real life couple Joe Jonas and Demi Lovato making googly eyes at each other while singing “Make A Wave.” Watch below!

First off, Paige was sent to the bottom three along with Tim Urban and—very briefly—Katie Stevens. Katie was the first one who was found to be safe.

Just to recap, our quite able and amazing American Idol guest blogger this week was Elliott Yamin, and here’s what he had to say about Paige’s take on “Against All Odds” the other night: “Oh no!!”

Really we could just leave it at that. But there’s more, if you must…

“The song was pitchy from the first off note to the last, and unfortunately Paige let her nervous energy, and the pressure of staying on pitch, get the best of her. I can relate, ’cause I’ve been there before, but it was just downright uncomfortable from start to finish.”

Uncomfortable is right. And as for Tim Urban, well, this was about the time we were wishing the producers would heed that old saying about killing two birds with one stone. At any rate, here’s how it played out with Paige and Tim:

Interspersed throughout the usual Idol contestant drama was Tuesday night mentor Miley’s performance of her The Last Song ballad “When I Look At You.” We’re not sure what was more distracting, though—her hoarse, croaky vocals on the chorus or the fact that she was whipping her hair extensions around like Medusa with a neck injury.

Oh, well. Her dress was nice.

Next came Idol‘s Dallas auditions guest judge Joe Jonas and his young ladyfriend Demi Lovato. They performaned of eco ballad “Make A Wave.” Gotta say, the way these two were staring all sparkly-eyed at each other made us wonder if that purity ring on Joe’s finger has slipped off a few times—you know, by accident.

Hey—what happens off the Disney lot, stays off the Disney lot!

So, like, were we the only ones to pick up on the all the (unintentional?) talk by Joe about he and Demi “doing it” (the song?) in various cities? We probably shouldn’t even touch that “it keeps getting bigger” comment.

Sigh. What can we say—it’s all minds of 14-year-olds in this office, folks.