Nicki Minaj Seeks Out A “Lil Freak” For Usher In Their New Video

Robbie Daw | March 25, 2010 11:40 am

At this point we’ve completely lost track of how many singles—promo or official—Usher has released  off of constantly-delayed forthcoming album Raymond v. Raymond (which is supposedly due out March 30—yeah, right). Nonetheless, following the recent music videos for “Hey Daddy (Daddy’s Home)” and “More,” there’s yet another clip to take in—this time for current single “Lil Freak.”

And if you thought Lady Gaga and Beyonce were the only pop divas adept at flirting with bisexuality in front of the camera, then get a load of Nicki Minaj’s escapades below!

That intro is kind of like that scene in New Moon when Dakota Fanning leads our hapless vampire heroes and Bella into the Volturi lair—not that we, er, saw that movie on opening night or anything. Ahem!

Anyway, the plot of the “Lil Freak” video is basically Usher hanging out in some sexy club while Nicki goes up to some “cutie with a big ol’ ghetto booty” to bring back to Mr. Raymond. (We’re guessing it’s so they can play Backgammon together, but hey—we’ve been wrong before.)

While stroking Usher’s “chosen” girl, Nicki raps the lines, “I really like your kitty cat and if you let me touch her / I’ll know you’re not a bluffer, I’ll take you to go see Usher.” The director of all this muffin bluffin’ is Taj Stansberry, who also lensed the video for Rihanna’s “Don’t Stop The Music.”

Meanwhile, Concrete Loop points out that Ciara also makes a cameo in “Lil Freak,” though quite frankly we were too distracted by the hot mess of Nicki’s wig to notice.