Paris Hilton Reminds You She’s Still Alive With A New Song

Becky Bain | March 26, 2010 2:20 pm

Apparently, Paris Hilton still thinks of herself as something other than tabloid fodder. (Actually, she’s not much of that anymore, either.) The heiress recently uploaded a snippet of a song called “I Need You,” which means she’s either bored enough to leak leftovers from her self-titled debut album, or — worse — she’s managed to find the motivation to record another one. Satisfy your curiosity over just how wrecked the Hilton train is after the jump.

Paris Hilton – “I Need You”

“I Need You” was written and produced by Paris Hilton, Scott Green, and Simon Wilcox, which means it took three people to create a song so boring, we’ve already forgotten what it even sounds like and we just listened to it ourselves. Do we even need to point out how weak and nondescript Paris’ voice sounds on this bland track? We’re not surprised “I Need You” isn’t the next #1 hit, but if the undeniably catchy “Stars Are Blind” is any indication, it proves that not everything Paris touches is an automatic fail.

Hey, at least she seems to have the eensiest bit more dignity and grace than other blonde bubblehead Heidi Pratt, who is going to continue being a recording artist even if it leads her to the poor house.