The Morning Mix: Happy Birthday, Lady Gaga!

Becky Bain | March 29, 2010 5:24 am

Did You Hear?

:: What’s a birthday without a hat? Look back at Lady Gaga’s most notorious headgear. [MTV]

:: Only Katy Perry could get slimed at the Kids Choice Awards and still look damn good while covered in goo. Hopefully Russel Brand didn’t make any off-color jokes (but we’re fairly certain he would). [Just Jared]

:: Check out a comprehensive look back at the Kids Choice Awards’ most memorable and/or scandalous moments and images, including a Britney Spears sweater-halter top that may have been an inappropriate choice of outfits for a children’s awards show. [Pop Eater]

:: T.I. still has to maintain a curfew as part of his probation. And he’s not allowed to watch TV before he finishes his homework. [The BoomBox]

:: Christina Aguilera still has a little bit of a dirrty girl in her—she hit up a West Hollywood production of The Puppetry of the Penis and took photos with the show’s cast members. And the humans attached to them. [Awful Truth]

After the jump: Lady Gaga’s 24th birthday was yesterday—and what do you get the woman who has worn everything? Good luck thinking of an appropriate gift while taking a look back at our girl Gaga’s first music video.

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VIDEO REWIND OF THE DAY: It’s difficult to rewind too far back in Lady Gaga’s career to honor her 24th birthday, since there’s not a ton of footage out there of old-timey, brunette Lady Gaga Stefani Germanotta performing for crowds before she was christened a proper Lady. (Here‘s a few quickies for ya.) So let’s take a blast to the not-too-distant-past with her very first music video for 2008’s “Just Dance.”

It’s interesting to see in just two years how much Gaga’s style has evolved—the video for her first single from The Fame, directed by Melina Matsoukas, isn’t all that different from your average pop video featuring sexy partygoers having too much of a wild night. Gaga sports some unique and ultra-modern fashion in the vid, but her disco ball bra seems like it could be sold at The Gap when compared to the fashion statetments yet to come from the pop queen. We can only imagine that if the “Just Dance” video were filmed today, Gaga be draped head-to-toe in gold paint while wearing a thong made of barb wire and ten-inch heels made of sugar cane, stopping every few verses to recite some over-the-top, atrocious dialogue.

Have a great day!