Kelis Employs Bow, Arrow And Wardrobe Changes In “Acapella” Video

Becky Bain | March 29, 2010 1:10 am

We know she can make quite the culinary feast—but Kelis can also cook up one heck of a satisfying music video. (What do you expect from a woman famous for her “Milkshake”?) The  preview for the divine electro track “Acapella” didn’t quite prepare us for the hypnotic video, in which the singer takes a little hunting excursion while rocking a multitude of brilliantly out-there (and barely there) outfits, and challenging Lady Gaga’s record for costume changes in a single video. (Not to mention, Kelis dons a Ke$ha-esque headress to boot.) Check out “Acapella” after the jump, and look out for a surprise cameo by a special someone at the end.

Kelis – “Acapella”

We feel like we just took an LSD-tipped arrow to the face. The trippy, black-light-aided spectacle (shot by British director Chris Cottam and the buzzy photographer John “Rankin” Waddell) closes on a sweet note, as we see Kelis’ baby Knight riding on his mother’s back. His appearance, though brief, is significant: you may remember that Kelis (who also performed at the Winter Music Conference in Miami this weekend) wrote the song about her son while she was pregnant.

“Being pregnant, like full of life, is really kind of the answer in this,” Kelis told us earlier this year. “I was full of life. That was something that I couldn’t ignore.”

We know we couldn’t ignore Kelis if we tried—certainly not while wearing a string bikini and gold body paint, like she’s straight out of a Bond movie:

That’s one hot mama. Flesh Tone is expected to be released this June, so can March, April and May hurry up already?