Courtney Love Avoids Twitter Long Enough To Record Hole Track “Samantha”

Becky Bain | March 30, 2010 11:40 am

Courtney Love is dealing with a lot of personal drama right now (most of it on Twitter), but that’s not stopping the singer from reviving her music career. Hole (or rather, Courtney and a bunch of new band members) have been making the rounds to promote their ninth studio release, Nobody’s Daughter: stopping by SXSW, performing on Jonathan Ross, giving makeup tutorials, and showing up on red carpet events looking (shockingly) well put together.

Now we get to hear a recording of Love’s angry little ditty “Samantha,” which is far from new—Love has been playing the song (co-written by Linda Perry and ex Billy Corgan) during live shows since 2007. Now the track finally finds a permanent home on Nobody’s Daughter, and you can listen below. 

[wpaudio url=// text=”Hole – Samantha” dl=”0″]

Does this song sound straight out of 1995? Yes. Is the predictable pissed-off rocker vibe, displayed in the eloquent refrain, “People like you f*** people like me,” getting really old? Yes. Does that mean the song isn’t good? Quite the contrary, this is the most listenable thing to come out of Courtney’s mouth in ages. “Samantha” isn’t a step in a new musical direction for Hole, but it’s proof that Love is stil capable of more than just ranting.

We’re not sure how well the angry, guitar-led track will do in the current over-the-top pop scene currently dominating the charts, but Hole should have no problem reclaiming their fans in dive bars across the country. Unless, of course, Courtney somehow gets “sweetheart” Ke$ha to be featured on the remix of “Samantha”?

[Via Stereogum]