‘Glee’ Rocks Onto The Cover Of ‘Rolling Stone,’ Gets Ready To Go Gaga

Robbie Daw | March 31, 2010 9:36 am

With just T-minus 13 days left before Glee returns to Fox (April 13) with the first of nine new episodes, the collective pop culture media appears to be singing out in joy. Rolling Stone slapped the cast—and a glimpse of actress Lea Michele’s pert derriere—on the cover of its latest issue, while Entertainment Weekly is already looking past the upcoming Madonna episode and serving up the dish on the one with Lady Gaga’s tunes. Head below for details, Gleeks!

Rolling Stone promises some behind the scenes dirt (“Cory Monteith, who portrays jock Finn, owns up to a few childhood arrests for offenses that ‘didn’t hurt people.'”) and some insight into the cast members’ personal lives—such as Chris Colfer, who had apparently had a “painful youth.”

“You know that forget-and-forgive bullshit? No, no, no, no, not for me,” Colfer tells the mag. “You take that grudge and let that grudge fester, and then you use it.”

Glee Rolling Stone full
Well, at least he’s not bitter, right? As for the Lady Gaga episode, Entertainment Weekly‘s Music Mix has let the glitter-drenched cat out of the bag by revealing that the two songs by the birthday girl being used on the show are “Bad Romance” and “Poker Face.”

Series creator Ryan Murphy told EW, “Lea does a very stripped-down version of ‘Poker Face’,” while “Bad Romance” appears to be a group number, with the actors each wearing a different Gaga outfit.

“I saw a picture of the Kermit the Frog Lady Gaga with a Post-It on it that said ‘Lea.’ I was like, oh, great,” says Michele. “Everyone else has incredible Lady Gaga outfits and I have that one.”

Well, at least she’s not bitter, either.