Nicki Minaj Crosses The Desert To Stage “Massive Attack” For Her Video

Idolator Staff | March 31, 2010 5:24 pm

Is Nicki Minaj really rap’s next superstar, or is she all hype? The just-released video for “Massive Attack” doesn’t provide a very satisfying answer. Even after watching the Hype Williams-directed clip — loaded with wacky wigs, a pink Lamborghini, cameos by model/Kanye West arm-candy Amber Rose and Lil Wayne/Nicki mentor Birdman — we’re not sure this was the best way for the Barbie-styled rhymer to stake her claim to fame as a performer in her own right. Is this Nicki’s first big misstep?

If there was a real narrative in there, and there might’ve been, Hype certainly could’ve taken a minute in the course of this California desert extravaganza to focus it a little more. In his defense, it couldn’t have been easy to craft a video to accompany this jam, which features Sean Garrett’s unconventional, scampering beat and lacks a compelling hook. (No, Garrett chanting “massive attack” doesn’t count, and he doesn’t earn any points back for appearing shirtless in the video). Nicki’s verses aren’t the sharpest we’ve heard from her, though she does throw in references to Rambo, Liberace and The Lion King. We’re a little worried: is she too caught up in the fashion shoots to keep her eye on her art?

We’re sure that Nicki set her sights on coming out of the gate with a major creative statement (especially if this really is the first “official” single for Nicki’s hotly anticipated debut — and let’s see if that turns out to be the case). But this wasn’t it.

Don’t get us wrong: we believe fervently that amazing things happen because of Nicki.