We Can Pretty Much Guess The Lollapalooza Headliners Without Buying A Vowel

Becky Bain | April 1, 2010 12:53 pm

Okay, so we have the Lollapalooza lineup pretty much figured out, or at least the top six acts booked at the fest. The Chicago music festival’s website has been playing a Wheel of Fortune-style game, revealing their lineup one letter at a time. Bonnaroo teased fans in a similar way on their MySpace page back in February, revealing one artist every five minutes. This game of hangman would be a much more painstaking process if we couldn’t easily guess which highly anticipated acts are filling out the top spots (not to mention the lineup has been leaked for weeks). Check out our pretty accurate guesses after the jump:

From left to right on the top row:

Soundgarden Green Day Lady Gaga Arcade Fire The Strokes Phoenix

Well, that wasn’t too hard. We have a feeling Lollapalooza is going to save all their L’s, A’s, D’s, Y’s and G’s til the bitter end, just to draw some more suspense whether Lady Gaga is headlining or not.

Anyone got any guesses for all the other blanks? Check out the acts all-but-officially-confirmed to be appearing here if you need a cheat sheet. And hurry up and get buy those tickets, because the early-bird 3-day passes have already sold out.