Selena Gomez Wakes Up The UK On ‘GMTV’

Robbie Daw | April 5, 2010 8:53 am

Earlier today Selena Gomez appeared on British morning show GMTV and performed her American hit “Naturally.” The 17-year-old was asked what it’s like to be so famous at her age. “I hate it. I’m announcing right here and now that after this gig, I’ll be retiring so I can go herd sheep in the mountains of Switzerland,” she said, to the shock and awe of her UK fans. Oh, just kidding. What she really said was this: “It’s a blessing. I love my show and I love working on my music.”

Catch recent Lilith Fair addition Selena Gomez talking about working with Nicole Kidman on an upcoming project, plus her performance of “Naturally,” after the jump.

“I’m nervous. Nicole Kidman is producing the next project, and she’s also starring in a movie that I’m doing with Fox,” Gomez said, referring to the 2011 feature film Monte Carlo (which is also said to have Leighton Meester on the bill). “That’s the next thing I’ll be working on.”

In the meantime, Gomez’s album Kiss & Tell will be released in the UK on April 19. Tonight she and The Scene are performing at London’s Shepherd’s Bush Empire.