Ke$ha Takes The Plunge In Taio Cruz’s “Dirty Picture” Video

Robbie Daw | April 7, 2010 1:31 pm

Given that Taio Cruz paired up with Ke$ha for his new single “Dirty Picture,” Idolator asked the British crooner last month to cough up any naughty snaps he might have of the “TiK ToK” vixen. “I don’t have any dirty pictures of Ke$ha but we are shooting the video for the song soon and I’m sure we’ll take some then,” he told us. “So, even better—you’ll have moving dirty pictures of Ke$ha.” And true to his word, the video—which features Ke$ha squirming around on a toilet seat in high heels—has now arrived. Watch the classy antics below!

Gross. This is probably the part where we should make some crack about Ke$ha’s career being in the toilet, but we’ll just say we  hope she had some hand sanitizer tucked away somehwere in that tight, sparkly outfit during the shoot (which took place on two locations—East London and Los Angeles). Because even just watching this trashy clip is giving us a rash.

“Dirty Picture” is Taio’s second U.S. single, and follows “Break Your Heart,” which topped the Hot 100 in March.