Ciara Talks About Sex In “Blauw”

Last week Ciara trotted out her videos for chip-on-the-shoulder fight song “Basic Instinct (U Got Me)” and naughty sexy jam “Ride.” And today brings a newly-surfaced track from her called “Blauw,” which features about 30 seconds of the “Speechless” diva‘s heavy breathing, panting and moaning at the end. (Seems like girlfriend could use a little sex therapy!) The electro tune isn’t necessarily slated to be on Ci’s upcoming Basic Instinct album—in fact, it might be a scrapped cut from a previous recording session. But hop below to make that thing go blauwww anyway!

[wpaudio url=”//″ text=”Ciara – Blauw” dl=”0″]

This is cute in the way that Ciara’s Sex And The City soundtrack song “Click Flash” was (in fact the “look right in the camera” reference and similar beat has us thinking back to that one).

It’s not necessarily the hottest track CiCi could have come up with, but still a good jam to get your fingers popping on a Friday afternoon.