This Photo Of Justin Bieber As A Toddler Is Like Baby, Baby, Baby—Oh!

Robbie Daw | April 12, 2010 2:35 pm

Last month Ke$ha incited the ire of angry Justin Bieber fans after insinuating that the People cover star was just “a tiny little baby” that she would love to push “around on stage in a carriage.” Little did she know that weeks later the Bieb’s baby photo would work its way onto the Internet like a mischievous toddler crawling off and doing a no-no! Glimpse the full pic after the jump.

Looks like the hair has always been an essential part of the Bieber mystique—because that’s one super classy mullet.

Justin Bieber baby photo
Justin should be more careful about guarding his personal effects, though. Otherwise it’s going to make a lot of women want to act more motherly toward him.

Then again, that might be what he was aiming for all along.

[Photo via Oceanup]