Scissor Sisters Return With Album ‘Night Work’ And New Song “Invisible Light”

Robbie Daw | April 13, 2010 8:46 am

Those who logged on to Scissor Sisters’ official site today were greeted by not only an image of a pert derriere staring at them (a Robert Mapplethorpe shot), but a pert derriere staring at them from the cover of the band’s new album! Night Work, the quartet’s third LP, will be released June 28. After the jump: the full tracklist and a clip of new song “Invisible Light,” which sounds more like the marriage of New Order and Pet Shop Boys than Electronic ever did. The band worked with producer Stuart Price (Madonna, Keane, The Killers) on Night Work. “It’s an album with a big heart, some killer dance moves and some simply gigantic tunes,” says the official Scissor Sisters website. “The album will be preceded by the lead single ‘Fire With Fire’ on June 20.”

Below is the album’s closing track, “Invisible Light.” At nearly six-and-a-half minutes, the music brings to mind one of New Order’s classic ’80s extended mixes off Substance. Jake Shears’ deadpan vocal delivery, however, is pure Neil Tennant. Meanwhile, be sure to catch the “Thriller”-like cameo by Sir Ian McKellan about four minutes in!

All we can say is that if this is the closing song on the album, we’re practically frothing to hear the rest of it! This will be the first Scissor Sisters LP since the departure of drummer Paddy Boom (real name: Patrick Seacor) two years ago.

Night Work tracklist:

1. Night Work 2. Whole New Way 3. Fire With Fire 4. Any Which Way 5. Harder You Get 6. Running Out 7. Something Like This 8. Skin This Cat 9. Skin Tight 10. Sex and Violence 11. Night Life 12. Invisible Light