“Iamamiwhoami” Releases Another Track, Continues To Play Coy With Her Identity

Becky Bain | April 13, 2010 10:50 am

Even though we’re pretty sure we’ve figured out the artist behind the “iamamiwhoami” videos, it doesn’t make them any less captivating to watch. The mystery musician uploaded a new clip, simply titled “O,” and it comes with a full-length upbeat electro-pop tune (quite a departure from the haunting, disturbing melodies we’ve heard so far in each of these vids). Even more, despite being covered by a sheet for half the video, this is probably the most we’ve seen of the performer’s actual face. Take the jump to watch/listen. (And for the squeamish, there’s no tree-licking or mud-frolicking this time around, so no worries.)


The very first “iamamiwhoami” video was posted in late January, and here we are in the middle of April. Most movie advertising campaigns don’t even last this long, which makes us wonder just how long it will be before Jonna Lee finally confirms that these are her videos and songs.

(If you’re still having doubts that this is the work of the Swedish singer, an Oh No They Didn’t poster asked Lee point-blank at SXSW if “iamamiwhoami” was her, and she reportedly smiled and said, “I can’t comment on that.” So there you go.)

Or maybe we were never meant to really know? It’s not like we need an identity in order to buy her music—”O” already has a page listing over on Amazon, and you can purchase iamamiwhoami’s other full-length track “B” over on iTunes right now. And an iPhone app! So you can be utterly confused anywhere you go.