‘Idol’ Guest Blog: Kim Caldwell Tackles The Top 9 Yet Again

Becky Bain | April 14, 2010 11:14 am

Last night’s American Idol was one of the rare performance episodes where not even the worst contestants of the season (Andrew Garcia, Tim Urban) were all that bad. (Consider that a triumph or a tragedy, depending on why you watch the show.) Of course, that’s our humble take on Elvis Presley night, and we’ve never had to shake, shimmy and belt in front of millions of people—so let’s check in with somebody who has.

The gorgeous Season 2 finalist Kimberly Caldwell returns as Idolator’s weekly Idol guest blogger, and she has the honor of discussing the Top 9 contestants for the second week in a row! She lauded the contestants last week for tackling the songs of Lennon/McCartney, but did they impress her with their take on The King? Jump below to read the Idol alum’s review. (And we thank you, thank you very much, Kim, for offering your great Idol insight!)

Kim’s Review:

American Idol kicked off its second show in a row with this year’s top nine since last week the judges all agreed to use the one and only “save” of the season on Mr. Michael Lynche. Congratulations Big Mike!

Being such a major Adam Lambert fan, I was so excited to see him guiding the contestants through Elvis week in Sin City. Talk about showmanship!

Crystal Bowersox and her electric guitar started us out on a high note. I want this girl’s album ASAP! She makes it look effortless. True talent is hard to come by these days and this girl is a natural. The judges all send compliments to the consistently strong songstress, once again.

The always lovable Andrew Garcia changes it up with his own twist on “Hound Dog” and the audience went nuts even though the judges, except Ellen, came down on him pretty hard. Unfortunately, he was labeled lazy and uncool by the panel. Pretty harsh but I believe he is better than what he delivered. I have my fingers crossed that we see him again next week.

Seacrest and Mommy Seacrest introduced Tim Urban who gave us a simple and clean show on the acoustic guitar and the judges finally let up a little on him. Simon even said he went from “zero to hero!” I think this kind of authentic singer-songwriter type of performance really suits him perfectly.

Lee DeWyze was another contestant bringing the guitar to the stage delivering his Elvis tune with seriously gritty vocals, which is totally my cup of tea. He’s really coming into his own as an artist and has completely found his swagger. He nailed it.

Aaron Kelley was led by Mr. Lambert to own his “Blue Suede Shoes”. Kara really enjoyed him out of his comfort zone, but Simon disagreed saying it was high-school worthy karaoke. I think I’m with Kara on this one!

Siobhan Magnus takes over with a banging outfit and sounding like a star, especially when she got up to her upper register. But, the judges did not get it at all. For once, I actually enjoyed a contestant talking back to defend her unique talent. She has major potential in my eyes.

Survivor Michael Lynche showed why the judges believed it was a must to give him a second chance at the title. This was my favorite performance of the night. Well deserved save. Touching, relatable, and memorable.

Katie Stevens struts out in a hot little number singing what Ellen describes as “a horny song”. I thought that for her age she was pretty convincing, but Simon shot her down. Her vocal ability is way beyond her years so I think she’s probably safe this week.

Casey James looks more and more polished every week with his blond locks. I thought he owned it with his soulful pipes but, to my surprise, Simon and the other judges agreed that it was a wasted opportunity. Let’s hope his girl-powered fanbase has his back this week.

I truly believe they all have real potential and still have quite a few weeks left to grow and make their mark if they stay focused. It’s pretty intense in the top nine right now but I say Elvis week was overall a thumbs up and the two going home tomorrow night is anybody’s guess!


Make sure to check out Kim’s official site, catch her on Twitter, and stay tuned for her debut album, Without Regret, due in July.