Uffie Rolls Up With Pharrell In “ADD SUV”

Idolator Staff | April 16, 2010 10:16 am

Uffie has been an underground favorite since she emerged from the French electro scene a few years ago, but now she’s reaching for the brass ring: mainstream fame. And why not? After all, many claim it was Uffie who pioneered the flirty, Auto-Tune-treated style that has carried Ke$ha to the top. (Of course, as feuds go, we’ve seen worse). Buzz is now building rapidly for Uffie’s debut, Sex Dreams $ Denim Jeans, featuring “ADD SUV”, her new track with Pharrell. Listen below and decide who’s more likely to make you feel like P. Diddy:

[wpaudio url=”//static.idolator.com/uploads/2010/04/Uffie-ft.-Pharrell-ADD-SUV.mp3″ text=”Uffie f/ Pharrell – ADD SUV”] Produced by Mirwais, the French electro star who’s crafted many of Madonna’s more recent tracks, “ADD SUV” is club-ready, though we think it eases up a little too much after the trashy synths that underpin the first half of the track. Pharrell is somewhat wasted here, coming in with a lackadaisical verse and vocals that end up sounding out of step. On the other hand, he will be driving a sweet set of wheels in the video:


Of course, you wonder why they’re not driving an… SUV.

Think you can imagine Uffie performing this live in clubs? You don’t have to: she actually introduced it last month, when she played for the connoisseurs at the South By Southwest festival, where she noted how “weird” it felt to perform in the daytime.

[Via The Neptunes]

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