‘Idol’ Guest Blog: Kim Caldwell Seeks Inspiration From The Top 7

Becky Bain | April 21, 2010 11:15 am

Despite the fact that pretty much all of the American Idol judges were calling Season 9 a “girls year,” we’re down to the Top 7 and we’ve only got two girls left in the competition. And we’ve got a bad feeling that this is the week one of the ladies is voted off (and it probably won’t be the female who wanted off the show).

Lovely lady from Season 2, Kimberly Caldwell, is back as our weekly Idol guest blogger to graciously impart some wisdom on the Idols’ performances last night. But is Kim on Team Bowersox, or is she a Siobhan fan? Head below to check out the Idol alum’s take on the Top 7, and if she felt inspired by any of the contestants’ songs of inspiration:Kim’s review:

Loved tonight’s show with Songs of Inspiration for tomorrow night’s “Idol Gives Back.”  The lucky contestants received Alicia Keys as a mentor who is well-deserving of her title as Billboard’s top selling R&B Artist of the decade.  What an amazing woman she is.

Casey James was first to come out of the gate with “Don’t Stop” by Fleetwood Mac.  What a killer smile this guy has!  He’s definitely consistent every week, but may need to shake things up a bit because the judges feel that he’s not standing out in the crowd and we are seriously getting down to the wire.  He handles that guitar like a pro week after week and just exudes charisma, so I’m rooting for Mr. James.

Now, onto Lee DeWyze who, with guitar in hand, really connected emotionally to “The Boxer” by Simon & Garfunkel.  He has truly developed as an artist right before our eyes and the judges all agreed he made the song current and sincere.  His voice is really remarkable and memorable so I’m guessing that our boy Lee is probably safe from elimination again this week.  Pure talent.

Next up was Tim Urban, who’s had “Better Days,” according to the judges.  He’s so lovable that it’s hard to agree with Randy saying that it was “just good karaoke.”  Even Ellen wasn’t feeling him this week, along with the rest of the panel, but at least Simon recognizes that he has greatly improved throughout the competition.

Aaron Kelly wowed us with his vocals on “I Believe I Can Fly.”  He started out a little shaky, but then completely lost the nerves and nailed the dynamic ending.  Simon was a little harsh but I’m glad he pulled through and kept us captivated.

Siobhan Magnus stepped up to the mic next with “When You Believe.”  With possibly the toughest song of the night, she soared with her pure vocal talent.  I do see what Kara is saying about not knowing who she is as an artist, but I think that’s exactly what is so intriguing about this girl.  You never know her next move and she’s obviously doing something right to still be in the running.  Let’s see if we get to experience another one of Siobhan’s twists again next week.

One of my favorites, Michael Lynche, took on “Hero,” the smash hit from the Spider-Man soundtrack.  He sure held his own on this power anthem.  As usual, the emotion rang true.  But of course, Simon criticized him saying his performance was artificial but delivered him good news by adding that we will probably see him next week.

For the first time ever on the Idol stage, Crystal Bowersox stepped out with no instrument.  With not a dry eye in the house, including Crystal, we were given a strong and powerful rendition of “People Get Ready.”  The judges all agreed that she stands out from the rest.  She has become a household name and shows us all what confidence on stage is supposed to look like.  She seems so comfortable with millions judging and makes it seem so effortless.  Keep inspiring, girl.

I think we may lose a boy this week, but I’m not sure whose time it is to exit.  It’s anybody’s game at this point, so let’s see who takes it all the way to the finish line.  They have all remained very poised and humble through the chaos so I’m glad to have them all as a part of the “Idol family.”  I’m really looking forward to tonight’s 2-hour “Idol Gives Back” extravaganza!

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