Chris Brown Tries To Transform Into A Rapper With “Holla At Me”

Robbie Daw | April 22, 2010 8:52 am

Chris Brown and Young Money artist/cousin of Travis McCoy Tyga have teamed up for a mix tape called Fan Of A Fan. Now, we know Brown’s once-promising career as the Golden Boy of Pop has gone ice cold, but is rap really the direction he should be heading in now? Head below to check out Chris spitting out cliched rhymes like “I’m the shit, yeah I go hard/Don’t stand in lines, nigga, I Bogart,” and decide whether he’s either the next great MC or a Graffiti artist who needs to take his spray can and go home.

Classy Magnum (not the TV show) reference.

Our verdict: Tyga is the most convincing thing on this repetitious wet noodle of an attempt to prove Chris Brown is a lyrical badass. At this point Rihanna’s ex should aim for penning tracks for other artists rather than getting all aggro now that his time in the sun has expired.

Quite making a fool of yourself, boy—your reputation may be in the can, but you’ve still got your songwriting skills to fall back on.

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