MGMT Offer Up A Too-Tame ‘SNL’ Performance

Robbie Daw | April 25, 2010 9:16 am

Sadly, recent Coachella performers MGMT did not surprise with a group of backing ukulele players or an electric eel being yanked out of Ben Goldwasser’s neck during their two-song stint on Saturday Night Live last night. Instead they rocked out pretty straightforward, uneventful renditions of their Congratulations tunes “Flash Delerium” and “Brian Eno.” (The least they could have done was gotten resourceful and armed host Gabourey Sidibe with a tambourine and employed her for a little backup shimmying during their gig.) Watch below.

“Flash Delirium”

“Brian Eno”

Who’d have thought Ke$ha would would prove to be a tough act to follow? Oh, well—there’s always the next OTT MGMT video to look forward to. And at least their album is #2 this week on the Billboard Top 200—although they might want to amp up the on-screen energy a bit if they expect it to stay there.

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