Christina Aguilera Not Herself Tonight, More Like Lady Gaga Instead

Becky Bain | April 26, 2010 10:19 am

Christina Aguilera is seriously not helping to quiet those incessant Lady Gaga comparisons. According to the singer’s website, a photo of one of many outfits Christina dons in her “Not Myself Tonight” video will be revealed every day this week until the vid itself premieres this Friday on VEVO. Sounds vaguely—okay, almost exactly like Gaga’s staggered fashion photo “leaks”, which built buzz for her “Telephone” vid. Not to mention, we can’t help but note that we’ve seen this particular look before…

Hot pink and blonde bun on the side of the head?


Skintight pencil skirt with a black bra/halter top, complete with a teeny black hat?

We’re not trying to stir up any drama here between these two pop darlings (anymore than there already is)—besides, Aguilera loves Gaga! But are these similar clothes and marketing techniques just a coincidence, or does Christina know a good thing when she sees it?  Any pop artist would be wise to use photos to drum up publicity and hype for an upcoming music video (and many of them do, although not many release so many fashion-focused pics as a style-skewed countdown). 

Let’s just hope tomorrow’s photo from Aguilera’s camp doesn’t show Xtina with a telephone superglued to her head.