Ke$ha Drops The Sneer But Keeps The Jack Handy In New “Lost Weekend” Song

Idolator Staff | April 26, 2010 1:45 pm

Maybe this will silence all those critics who accuse Ke$ha of ripping off Uffie (and Sia, and…). Or maybe not. Ke$ha’s new track “Lost Weekend” finds her — what else — intoxicated (“loaded on life”, she sings) as she bounces through a retro 80’s track. Maybe she decided to take a break from studying the mysteries of the universe to just have some fun, you know, for once. Listen for yourself after the jump:

[wpaudio url=”//″ text=”Ke$ha – Lost Weekend”] While the party motif is nothing new for her, Ke$ha does drop the sneer that inhabits virtually every track on Animal. We’re not sure if “Lost Weekend”, co-written by pop craftsman Ted Bruner, is from a forthcoming project or a leftover from Animal, and she has yet to mention it on Twitter. (Please, people, she’s got weightier issues on her mind.)

But we do know this much. Ke$ha was right about the aliens. Stephen Hawking sort of says so.

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