Lupe Fiasco Wins Our (Cardboard) Heart In DIY “I’m Beaming” Video

Idolator Staff | April 28, 2010 3:40 pm

We’ll be honest — we haven’t been that excited about Lupe Fiasco’s big comeback album, Lasers. We’re also not that thrilled that Lupe, who can be hit or miss for us, chose to rhyme “merge” with “encourage” in his otherwise dope new victory-lap track “I’m Beaming”. The just-released video, however, packs heavier firepower than any sci-fi weapon: Lupe surrounds himself with adorable kids, who cart around DIY style cut-outs of musical notes, hearts and rocket ships. This is even cuter than when Lupe rooted for Team Jacob. Watch below.

The video, directed by Illusive Media, features Lupe bathing in futuristic lasers too, but its the kids who light it up:

Who does Lupe think he is, Sia? Whatever. It’s irresistible. And if that doesn’t make you saw “awww”, this surely will — Lupe presented his tourmate and pal B.o.B with this cake on stage in Dallas to celebrate the release (er, birth?) of his excellent debut, The Adventures Of Bobby Ray. Now we’re beaming too. [Via Rap Radar]