Eminem Serves Up A Teaser Video For “Not Afraid”

Robbie Daw | April 30, 2010 8:45 am

Consider this week a one-two-three punch for Eminem fans. A few days ago a freestyle from the Detroit rapper called “Despicable” dropped. Then Em went on his Shade 45 radio station and introduced his new single “Not Afraid” (listen here) via an interview with Angela Lee. Now a teaser for Marshall’s new video has been uploaded to his YouTube—and judging by fan reactions, the real Slim Shady is back in fine form. Watch the video after the jump.

“Not Afraid” is the first single off of Eminem’s upcoming seventh studio album Recovery, which is due out June 22.

“I wouldn’t say [the whole tone is lighter ] overall—I think there’s a variety of different things, different moods and things like that on there,” Em said yesterday in his Shade 45 interview. “I think that one of the cool things that I got to do with working with a variety of different producers. The sound, you know there’s not just one overall sound…”

And as for the new single, here’s how YouTube user Veedubnut summed it up in the comments section for the “Not Afraid” teaser video: “Heres how i see it……If you hear a track once and the words automatically stick in your head then its a hit!!…….this is on of them trust me it will be HUGE!!!!”

What do you think about “Not Afraid”?

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