Miley Cyrus “Can’t Be Tamed”, But Her Leak Proves She Sure Can Borrow

Erika Brooks Adickman | April 30, 2010 12:36 pm

This is how Miley wants to cap off her music career? We understand that she wants to pursue Hollywood full-time (and make use of that expressive face), but we’re not sure this was the way to do it. “Can’t Be Tamed”, the just-released single from what she says will be her final album, is in fact, tame as hell, despite her claims that she’ll never be a “domestic house Miley”. And to her credit she does say the “H” word, which we guess is all part of her transition from Disney kid to  “Sure, I’ll do nudity” adult, but c’mon. Hear the Britney-ish track below:

[wpaudio url=”//″ text=”Miley Cyrus – Can’t Be Tamed” dl=”0″]


If this is Miley’s farewell to music, it’s more like a “smell ya’ later”. Maybe she’s right to focus on her acting. “Can’t Be Tamed” pales in comparison to “See You Again”, “Party In The U.S.A”, and “The Climb”. Maybe MC knew that she was already passed her prime.

Done better and first by Brit for sure with “If You Seek Amy”.

And as for Miley’s album art.  Hmm, where have we seen that before?