U.S. Soldiers Parody Lady Gaga And Beyonce’s “Telephone” Video

Robbie Daw | April 30, 2010 1:45 pm

Well, now we know why the Navy is finally letting women on submarines starting next year—because they’ll probably be better at making parodies of the “Telephone” video than these U.S. soldiers stationed in Afghanistan are. Oh, we kid, we kid. For real, folks—let’s give the guys serving our country a big round of applause for their inventiveness and sense of humor. And kudos, also, to the government for finally repealing Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. Oh—they didn’t? Er, never mind, then. Just watch below!

Note: MalibuMelcher, who posted this clip, points out that “this is the temporary version, we have more scenes to cut, and edit, however with guys always on mission it is harder to film than you think.”

We will be at ease and waiting patiently, sir. But you do have your work cut out for you in the wake of this recent masterpiece by a pair of Filipino drag queens.