Today In ‘Idol’: Shania Twain Makes Us Feel Like Watching Something Else

Idolator Staff | April 30, 2010 4:15 pm

:: Still the one? Maybe not. Tuesday’s show, built around the songs of Shania Twain, drew 19.4 million viewers, the smallest audience for a performance show since way back in March 2003. And the normal late-season “bounce” has yet to kick in. You really have to love Simon’s sense of timing, huh? [LA Times]

:: Before she became the Season 9 frontrunner with “moments of doubt”, Crystal Bowersox loved Melissa Etheridge — in a recent iheartradio appearance, Etheridge remembers signing Crystal’s guitar. [iheartradio/YouTube]

:: Kris Allen, Danny Gokey and our pal Kim Caldwell will appear on shopping channel QVC starting May 6 to help market a truckload of American Idol branded merchandise. We’d like to order one piece from every outfit Kara DioGuardi has worn this season — to prove she really wore them. [MJs Big Blog]

:: Siobhan Magnus tells Ellen how she’s coping with her exit from Idol, and plays herself out with a scream-free “House Of The Rising Sun”. [Idolator]