‘Copycat: The Real Story Of Lady Gaga, The Fashion Stealer’ Coming To A Computer Near You

Robbie Daw | May 3, 2010 3:11 pm

Today YouTube user GagaHeartsXtina posted a movie trailer of sorts for Copycat: The Real Story Of Lady Gaga, The Fashion Stealer. And in case you’re wondering where this could all be going, the clip boasts “starring” credits for Beyonce, Grace Jones, Madonna, Roisin Murphy, Kelis and Christina Aguilera—in addition to Hermaphrodite Lady Gaga. (See Grace Jones’ own choice words for the supposed fashion stealer here.) Watch the 39-second trailer below.

“Here’s the first ever movie about Stefanni Germanotta also known as Lady Gaga,” GagaHeartsXtina notes in the video’s YouTube description. “Cameo includes Britney Spears, Lil’Kim etc. Full movie to be shown sometime this May. Keep on visiting the channel for updates.”

So how do you feel about that, monsters? Curious? Annoyed? Starstruck? Speechless? Personally, we’ve already got the popcorn in the microwave for this supposed platinum blonde catfight.

But more importantly, do we think this Gaga vs. Xtina debate will ever die down?