The 10 Most Absurd Influences Seen In Miley Cyrus’ “Can’t Be Tamed” Music Video

Erika Brooks Adickman | May 5, 2010 11:58 am

Miley Cyrus spread her wings and left the cozy Disney nest yesterday with her “Look how grown up I am!” music video for “Can’t Be Tamed.” While watching the Hannah Montana star strut like a proud peacock (in a corset worth the price of a college tuition), we couldn’t help but notice that many of the elements in Miley’s video seemed familiar—almost too familiar. Finally we were able to put our finger on the 10 cuckoo elements that must have influenced “Can’t Be Tamed”. After the jump, check out our list and see if you agree. And be sure to chime in if you think we’ve made a glaring omission!

1. Sheryl Crow’s “If It Makes You Happy” music video, which also takes place in a Museum Of Natural History. Coincidentally, Miley sang “If It Makes You Happy” with Sheryl at the 2009 VH1 Divas show.

Picture 3

2. Another type of crow: Brandon Lee’s.


3. Japanese monster movie fave, Rodan.


4.  The steamy choreography of Paula Abdul’s 1989 music video for “Cold Hearted”.

Paula Abdul 1989 Coldhearted video her 3rd #1 single

5. A little fashion inspiration from the Queen Of Leotards, Rihanna…


6.  …combined with Sandra Bernhard’s ensemble from her 1991 interview with David Letterman.

Sandra Bernhard David Letterman 1991 Hudson Hawk

#7. Some “peacocking” tips from The Pickup Artist‘s Mystery.


#8. The playfulness of Talkatoo Cockatoo from the 80s TV show Zoobilee Zoo.


#9. Britney’s cage-dancing on her Circus tour.


10. And, of course, a touch of Ben Stiller’s Night At The Museum.