Drake Reveals Cover Art For ‘Thank Me Later’—Are You Thankful?

Becky Bain | May 5, 2010 2:00 pm

This is Drake’s cover art for his debut album Thank Me Later. That is him, right?

Vulture calls the somewhat distorted photo of Drizzy a “shoddy-looking image” and thinks it would have been improved with the addition of either “a guy playing devil sticks” or “puppies!” Neon Limelight thinks it’s a “bit of a let down” and Miss Jia’s Blog says “no thank you” to this basic Thank Me Later cover.

Our thoughts? Blurry and minimalist, yes, but it is distinct and striking. We think this one might improve upon holding the actual artwork in your hand, mostly because this image would lend itself to a 3D treatment pretty well. If it is in 3D upon seeing it in person, well, it’s too bad people don’t really buy physical CDs anymore.

Plus, Drake’s cover art isn’t so offensive when we’ve already seen the absolute worst.

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