PHOTOS: The Justin Bieber Movies We Need To See

Idolator Staff | May 11, 2010 11:25 am

You know it, we know it: Justin Bieber rules the world. You can’t stop him — and why would you want to? He’s already stormed the charts, rocked it live. Though he didn’t make our list of the top pop stars who can actually act, his next step on the road to global domination is surely Hollywood. What kinds of films will he do? Our pals at Celebuzz did a little imagineering to come up with a list of film projects Bieber might find acceptable. Check out some of the gallery here, then click over there to see the rest. Got any #BieberMovies of your own? Tweet them @Idolator or post them in the comments (or vote other comments up or down). We may just PhotoShop our favorite ideas (and/or pitch them to a studio).