Listen To New Kelly Clarkson Song “Dance”

Robbie Daw | May 13, 2010 10:20 am

Following the Arcade Fire-esque “Naked Eye” and “Wash Rinse Repeat”—a song that features Kelly Clarkson blasting her onetime collaborator Ryan Tedder—another jam from the First Lady Of American Idol has surfaced. This one, titled “Dance,” appears to be yet another rough demo. (Once again, brace yourselves, Twitter users.) Give it a listen after the jump.

Clearly someone has jacked Kelly’s stash of works-in-progress intended for her upcoming album. And that said, we’re not really going to judge this electro-pop track in its current state.

[Sorry folks — had to remove the track for now.]

Well, okay—so the “a-a-a-atta boy, atta boy, so, so pretty” bit is really good. And we’re already imagining what this tune could be when, say, a Dr. Luke and/or a Max Martin get their Midas-touch mitts on it.

But that’s all we’re going to say. Bad computer hackers! Naughty! Everyone, forget you ever even heard this unfinished piece of music.

Dance, dance, dance for me…! Oh, dammit.