Lily Allen Surfaces For A Cameo On U.K. Rapper’s Track “Just Be Good To Green”

Becky Bain | May 13, 2010 3:15 pm

U.K. rapper Professor Green nabbed downtrodden sports fan Lily Allen for his track “Just Be Good To Green.” But is it good enough to tide us over for the next two years while Lily takes a break from releasing any of her own new tunes? Hear it below.How did the collaboration come to be? The same way Betty White scored her recent career resurgence: Facebook. “We got chatting on Facebook and I mentioned the track, which turned out to be one of her favourite songs,” recalls Green. “She suggested her singing the chorus. I didn’t take much persuading!”

Professor Green feat. Lily Allen – “Just Be Good To Green”

The track samples the S.O.S. Band’s 1983 “Just Be Good To Me,” (or rather, the Beats International remake “Dub Be Good To Me”). We’re assuming Prof. Green is a big Eminem fan, because apart from his British accent, his high-pitched vocals (if not his rhymes) make him almost sound like Slim Shady. And as far as Lily goes, we think she may be singing just a little bit higher than she’s probably comfortable with—but it’s a solid effort.

Too bad this may be one of the last few tracks we’ll hear Lily sing the time being. The British pop tart appeared on British TV show This Morning, explaining why she felt the need to take a lengthy break after releasing just two albums. Says Lily:

“I just felt I’m at a point in my life where I need to be at home more. And not traveling the world and jumping up and down on stages… I’m just a bit fed up of the character that I’ve played for the past five years…I think I’ve been living life in an incredibly fast lane for the past five years. And I just feel the need to sit back and relax a little bit more. So many people in my position go a bit mad. Maybe that’s because they are pushing themselves a bit too hard. So this feels like almost the sensible thing to do. To step away from it.”

Though she is taking a break from recording new tunes, she’s not completely giving up music. “I’m still working in music, I’m still writing music, maybe, for other people,” she said. “And I’m involved with trying to do a musical at the moment, that’s really exciting.”

Any guesses what musical it could be? Our best guess is the London production of Chicago, pretty much every celebrity’s go-to musical when attempting live theatre.