11-Year Old Interviews Justin Bieber, Passes Out In The Name Of Comedy

Becky Bain | May 14, 2010 10:10 am

We already know the effect Justin Bieber’s presence has on his fans is on par with the apocalypse. But that doesn’t make this segment taped for Jimmy Kimmel Live! earlier this week any less funny. An adorable 11-year old girl interviews The Bieb, and promptly has the cutest, most hilarious heart attack a pre-teen girl could have. Watch below.

Okay, so this whole bit is greenscreened and Bieber isn’t even in the same room with the screaming girl, but is this pint-sized actress the Dakota Fanning of comedy or what? Plus, it’s probably for the best she wasn’t actually in the presence of The Bieb, as staring directly at the teen sensation’s dimpled cheeks and golden, flat-ironed hair is akin to looking directly at the sun—beautiful, but deadly. (Just imagine her reaction if she got a peek at his fake (?) tattoo!)

[Best Week Ever]