Parents of “Single Ladies” Girls Defend Sexy Costumes And Dance Moves

Becky Bain | May 14, 2010 1:00 pm

That video of pre-teen girls bumping and grinding to Beyoncé’s “Singles Ladies (Put A Ring On It)” during a World of Dance performance started a whirlwind of debate in our comments section (as well as all over the web). Does the bedazzled bikini costuming straight out of a Mini Moulin Rouge show overshadow their talent and make their performance way too mature? Or are people getting upset over nothing?

Parents of the little girls appeared on Good Morning America to defend their choice to let their daughters participate in a dance they found “very normal within that context” of a dance show. Watch the video below.

The parents claim that the kids were “performing at a dance competition, they weren’t performing this for a worldwide audience, so it’s been taken out of context… if you keep in ind that this was at a dance competition and these are the kinds of routines you see in that environment, then that takes away all the negativity that’s been surrounding this.”

As for the revealing clothes, they were “designed for unrestricted movement and to show body lines and positions as these girls are performing these highly-technical dance moves… dance costumes have ruffles and rhinestones… it’s very normal within that context.”

What do you think? Are the parents, who don’t seem to find any problem at all with their daughters’ performance, making sense? Or do you still think the costuming, the dance moves, and the song choice is still just too inappropriate for eight-and-nine-year olds?

Personally, we have to wonder if Beyoncé is happy her “Single Ladies” track is still as relevant as ever 20 months after it was first released as a single.


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